Russian Grandmaster Alekseev Evgen

Something about the life and career of Russian grandmaster Alekseev Evgen

Alekseev Evgeny is a Russian chess grandmaster who plays to represent his country. He secured at the title of a Grandmaster at a very young age in the year 2001, which not only took his career to greater heights, but also made him a better known face in the chess world.

Alekseev Evgeny was born in Russia at a place called Pushkin, on 28th of November 1985. He has played a number of matches at both national as well as international levels, often against the most well known faces and grandmasters of the chess world. Among the major tournaments where he performed to escalate his fame and career to new heights include the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting, the Aeroflot Open (that is held in Moscow) and the Russian Chess Championship.

According to the FIDE ratings, his present score stands at 2691, which is especially brilliant considering the fact that it took him to securing the 43rd rank as on July 2010. What is more interesting to note is the fact that his peak rating was even higher, where he stood with a jaw dropping 2715 – FIDE score.

In spite of all his achievements, Alekseev Evgeny continues to be extremely dedicated to his practice sessions and training, and is ever ready to learn more so that knowledge could hone his already razor sharp skills. For others, if nothing else, it surely answers the very basic question, that is, how anybody could be so consistent at getting better year after year!