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Alexander Morozevich

Alexander Morozevich Profile
Name: Alexander Sergeyevich Morozevich
Nick Name: Moroz
Place of birth: Moscow
Date of birth: 18th July 1977
Country: Russia
Current Title: Grand Master
Current Rank: 10
Current ELO Rating: 2750


Morozevich is a top Russian chess player who has been present amongst the top 10, from 2006. Morozevich is an attacking player with natural style. He makes use of unique and virtually unheard Albin Counter gambit aswell as Chigorin defence opening systems. Due to his attacking mentality, he looks for win at all cost, than conceding draws. He is one of the best blind fold chess players in the world.Morozevich’s best ranking was second and 2788 was his best Elo rating.

In 1994, 17 year old Morozevich caught the attention of the chess world with his 9.5/10 performance at London Lloyds Bank tournament, which he won. In 1994, he clinched Pamplona chess tournament. In 1997, Morozevich participated in his first FIDE knock out world championship, where he made exit at the second round. In 1998, Morozevich won his first Russian chess championship. In 1998, he won the Sarajevo tournament as well as Pamplona tournament. He won Sarajevo in 1999 aswell as 2008. Morozevich was part of Russian team, which won gold medal at Chess Olympiad in 1998, 2000 aswell as 2002.


In2001 and 2002 FIDE knock out championships, Morozevich made it to the fourth round. In 2002, Morozevich while playing for Russia at the board 2 helped them in winning a bronze medal at the Chess Olympiad with an amazing Elo rating of 2803.7.In 2002, Morozevich won the Melody Amber Blindfold & Rapid tournament. In 2003, he finished runner-up at Russian chess championship after tying with the eventual winner Peter Svilder. He finished joint first at Melody Amber Blindfold & Rapid tournament in 2004 aswell as 2006 with Kramnik and Anand respectively. In 2003, 2005 and 2007 he shared second spot at Amber Melody blindfold chess tournament. In 2003 and 2007, he helped Russia to win gold medals at European team championships. In 2004, he won silver medal at the chess Olympiad with Russian team

Morozevich has won Biel International Chess festival tournament on three occasions. He won it first in 2003 and retained it in 2004.He won it again in 2006 to have the feat of being the only second player to win that tournament three times. Morozevich helped Russia to win gold medal at 2005 World team chess championships. In 2005, he finished fourth at the FIDE world chess championship. In 2006, he clinched the ciudad de Pamplona tournament with a 2951 Elo performance rating.

In 2007, Morozevich won the Russian chess championship for the second time. He finished joint second at the Linares Chess tournament later in that year. At the 2007 world championship, he beat world champion Kramnik. However, he finished disappointingly at 6th place. While playing for Tomsk team, he has won Russian aswell as European team championships on multiple occasions. In 2008, he clinched the Bosna tournament. He finished joint second at the Tal memorial tournament. In 2008,he shared first spot at the Amber Melody blindfold chess tournament.

Alexander Morozevich (2787) VS. Florian Jenni ( 2543) 1-0
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Morozevich 1 – Leko 0 ,(8ª) Blindfold ,Amber,2007