Alexander Motylev – the young master

Alexander Motylev- the young master

Alexander Motylev, age 31, is a Russian chess Grandmaster and former Russian champion, born in Yekaterinburg on 17th June, 1979. He rank is 40 on November 2009 in the FIDE ratings list and his Peak rating is 2710 in July 2009.

Motylev learnt to play chess when he was four and a half years old, and joined group instruction classes when he was six. This is not so unusual in a country like Russia, where school children have chess as a regular part of their curriculum. He maintained a steady progress and was Candidate Master before he became eleven.

He was a talented football player as well around this time, and had major ambitions for this sport. His chess coach made him aware of his split loyalties and suggested that he concentrate on chess, which was very good advice and he became junior champion at the national level both at the under sixteen and under eighteen levels.

He surprised the chess world when he won the Russian Championship in 2001 but produced mixed results in the years that followed.

Motylev won the Corsican Open in 2003 in Bastia and the next year he was victorious at the Russian qualifier at Tomsk, performing well in the Superfinal. In this contest,
he finished strongly, drawing with Kasparov and was the equal of leading grandmasters like Svidler, Bareev and Morozevich (behind Kasparov, Dreev and Grischuk).

In 2006, Motylev and Magnus Carlsen were joint winners at the Corus B Tournament in Wijk aan Zee.

Motylev won the tenth tournament of Poikovsky Karpov in 2009 with a performance of 2694.