Anatoly Karpov Chess Profile


Name: Anatoly Yevgenyevich Karpov

Place of birth: Zlatoust (formerly in Soviet Union)

Date of birth: 23rd May 1951

Country: Russia

Current Title: Grand Master

Current ELO Rating: 2619 (as per march 2010 Ratings)

Anatoly Karpov is one of the all time greatest chess players in the world. Anatoly Karpov held world championship title between 1975 and 1985.He held FIDE world championship title between 1993 and 1996. Karpov’s best Elo rating was 2780.This veteran player has won over 160 tournaments during his illustrious career.

Karpov got training from the chess school of Mikhail Botvinnik. In 1962, Karpov became a Candidate Master. In 1966, 15 years old Karpov levelled the record of being the youngest Soviet National Master. In 1966, Karpov went on to win Trinec International chess tournament, to mark his first title success. In 1967, Karpov went on to win European Junior championship. In 1969, he became world junior chess champion at Stockholm.

In 1970, Karpov became the youngest ever player to be a Grandmaster. Karpov triumphed at the Alekhine Memorial tournament, in 1971.He finished second at the USSR chess championship, in 1973.He won the Leningrad International tournament to qualify for the 1974 World championship candidates’ cycle. In hard fought candidates’ matches, Karpov amazingly defeated Lev Plugaesvsky, Boris Spassky, and Viktor Korchnoi to qualify for world championship match against Bobby Fischer.

In 1975, Karpov became world champion for the first time without playing the championship match. Bobby Fischer relinquished his title after FIDE refused to accept his demands. Karpov set a record of winning most tournaments consecutively with nine straight triumphs. Karpov successfully defended his world championship title, by beating Viktor Korchnoi at Philippines in 1978. It took 32 games to settle the match. Karpov narrowly won the last game to edge Korchnoi with 6-5 wins, as they drew 21 games. In 1981, Karpov again defeated Viktor Korchnoi to retain his World Championship title again with convincing 11-7 wins, at Italy.

Karpov has won Soviet championship thrice. In 1977, Karpov won the Las Palmas tournament emphatically. Karpov won the Tilburg tournament on five occasions. In 1978, he shared first place at Bugojno tournament, while he won it in 1980. In 1979, Karpov finished joint first at Montreal Super Grand Masters tournament alongside Mikhail Tal. In 1981, Karpov shared first place at Linares tournament, while he won it in 1994.

Karpov helped USSR to win six team gold medals in the six chess Olympiads in which he featured for them. In an amazing turn of events, FIDE terminated the 1984 World chess championship match between Karpov and Garry Kasparov after 48 matches. The matches lasted over five months, with 40 games drawn. Karpov was leading with 5-3 wins. In 1985, under the best of 24 games format, Kasparov defeated Karpov 13-11, to take his world championship title away. Karpov lost to Kasparov in title matches in 1986, 1987 as well as 1990.

In 1993, Karpov won the FIDE world championship defeating Timman, as candidate Nigel Short and world champion Kasparov split away from FIDE. Karpov won Linares tournament with world record Elo rating of 2985 in 1994.He retained his world championship title in 1996, by defeating Gata Kamsky. After change in format for the FIDE world championship, Karpov stayed away from defending his world title. Hence, he lost his title at 1999 FIDE World Championship by default. After 1995, Karpov remained less active in competitive chess. Now days, he plays in exhibition tournaments and rapid chess tournaments. Karpov worked as Arbiter and senior trainer with FIDE in 2009.Karpov will contest in the FIDE’s presidential election in 2010 during the 39th Chess Olympiad.