Bologan Viktor – The chess grandmaster

Meet chess grandmaster Bologan Viktor

Bologan Viktor is one of the most successful and well known chess players from Moldova. Born on 14th of December, year 1971, in a place called Chi?in?u, Bologan Viktor started showing interest in this game since he was a young boy. Not only was he sharp and quick but he also possessed an intuitive mind that helped him understand the minds of the other players well.

However, just like all successful and well rated chess players, Bologan Viktor too had to struggle against a number of worthy opponents at both national as well as international tournaments to prove his worth and eventually his title as a ‘Grandmaster’ to the world. Among his several achievements, the major ones include winning the Aeroflot open in the year 2003; where over 150 grandmasters from across the globe participated for the prestigious crown. The same year also saw this Moldovan genius winning the Dortmund Sarkassen, where he skillfully competed against the most highly rated international chess players like Peter Loko, Vladimir Kramnik and Vishwanathan Anand. His current FIDE rating is 4695 (taking him to the 42nd rank on the FIDE rating charts, as on July 2010). His peak rating on FIDE has been 2700.

A number of books as well as DVDs have been released under his name including Victor Bologan: Selected Games 1985-2004, The Caro-Kann, The King’s Indian, Chebanenko Slav According to Bologan, and The King’s Indian According to Bologan. Chess enthusiasts eagerly hope for many more Bologan Viktor releases in future.