Caruana Fabiano – The young chess star

Caruana Fabiano is one of the youngest ‘Grandmaster’ title holders from Italy who also holds a second (his dual) citizenship at the United States. He received the title at the tender age of 14, and has carried more number of trophies in than any kid his age could probably imagine.

Caruana Fabiano was introduced to chess when he was merely four years of age. Once he started playing, it was just a matter of sometime till his parents and his coach realized that this board game was more than just a ‘game’ for the child. Not only did he possess brilliant skills but also his sincerity and perseverance towards the tough training sessions could not be ignored. Soon he found himself getting enrolled for the bigger and serious tournaments and soon he was making his country proud with his skill and hard work.

He has been coached under a number of well known figures including Brus Pandolfini, .Miron Sher and Boris Zlotnik. He is presently undergoing extensive training under coach Alexander Chernin. Caruana Fabiano also gives a lot of credit to his father Khanty Mansysk for all his support and help, who helps him in practicing his moves from time to time as well.

Caruana Fabiano plays for the well known Russian chess club “64″, which not only boosts him morally, but also encourages him to sharpen his brilliant chess playing skills. He presently resides in the Lugano Switzerland and is playing for Italy.