David Navara – the Olympiad Chess Player


David Navara, a 25 year old Chess Grandmaster from Prague in the Czech Republic, was born on 27th March, 1985.

His world ranking was 14 on April 2007 in the FIDE (World Chess Federation) rating list, and his Elo rating was 2720, which made him the highest ranking player from his country. His current ranking is 18 in the FIDE World Rankings of July 2010, with a peak rating of 2731.

Coached under Vlastimil Jansa and Ludek Pachman, his career picked up very fast, and he won a number of world medals in the youth categories. In 2001 when he was 16, he won 7 of 9 in European Team Championships, and a year later, only three days before he turned 17, he won the Grandmaster title.

David Navara won the Czech Chess Championships in 2004, 2005 & 2010.

He participated in the World Chess Cup in 2005 but lost to Predrag Nikolic in the 1st round.

David Navara was very successful when he played in the 37th Chess Olympiad in 2006, winning 8.5 points from twelve games played against world class players.

Navara took part in the World Chess Cup in November 2007 and beat Ivanov of USA in the 1st round, but was defeated by Rublevsky in the tie breaks in the 2nd round.

He was invited to the supertournament in Wijk aan Zee in 2007 and replaced Alexander Morozevich. He was nicknamed Navara Express by the organizers, winning 6.5 points in thirteen games.

Currently, David Navara studies Logic at the Charles University, Prague.