Dmitry Jakovenko Profile

Dmitry Jakovenko Profile

Name: Dmitry Jakovenko
Nick Name:
Place of birth: Omsik
Date of birth: 28th June 1983
Country: Russia
Title: Grand Master
Rank: 11
ELO Rating: 2742


Dmitry Jakovenko is a former under-18 world chess champion. Currently he is a top 20 player in the world. His best Elo rating is 2760.Sicilian, Ruy Lopez, Ruy Lopez closed, Slav, French defence, Nimzo Indian, etc are some of his favourite openings. Chess philosophy of Jakovenko is logical aswell as positional. He made it to the top ten ranking list once for the first time, in 2007.Apart from prowess in chess, he is a science and mathematics scholar.

Jakovenko learned the basics of chess from his father a Russian candidate master. He later got training from famous coach Alexander Nikitin. At the age of seven, Jakovenko made it to the first category in Russian chess fraternity. In 1993, he became Russian Under-10 champion. In 1997, Jakovenko became International Master, when he was only 14 years old. He finished runner-up at the 1999 World Under-16 Chess championship. He became Under-18 World champion, in 2001.He went on to win Valle d’Aosta Open later in that year.

Jakovenko turned a professional player in 2004. In 2006, Jakovenko finished runner-up at the 59th Russian Chess Championship after losing to Evgeny Alekseev in rapid playoffs, following a tie in the super final.

In 2007, Jakovenko finished runner-up at Pamplona tournament, Aeroflot open tournament and Corus B group tournament. Later in that year, he won the Poikovsky Karpov tournament. At the 2007 Chess World cup, he made it to the semi-final. In that impressive run, he defeated Aronian, the 2005 world cup winner. However, he lost to Alexei Shirov and made exit from the tournament. He became Russian number for the first time in his career after leapfrogging Kramnik in the FIDE rankings in July 2009.

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