Eljanov Pavel – the chess grandmaster from Ukraine

Eljanov Pavel is considered as one of the top chess players of the world today. After having played a number of major national as well as international tournaments, a lot of which were also against some of the most worthy players who are considered as some of the best in the game themselves, he has surely made name for himself that is going to down in the books of history.

Born in the year 1983, on 10th of May, he started playing chess from his very childhood. Not only were his extraordinary talents getting evident right from his first moves on the chess board, but with only a bit of training and guidance, the lad was already ready to play the major tournaments. He became a valuable member of the National Ukrainian Youth Team, and since then, there has been no looking back for him.

Born in the Soviet Union, he currently plays for Ukraine. At just the age of twenty seven, not only does he have a lot of achievements to be proud of, but he also holds the proud title of a grandmaster. His current FIDE rating (as on July 2010) – which also happens to be his highest Fide rating so far is 2755. This FIDE rating saw him making to the 8th rank on the FIDE list, and it is hoped that as his career progresses further, things would only get brighter for Eljanov Pavel – the extraordinarily talented player.