Ernesto Inarkiev – The Russian Genius

Ernesto Inarkiev was born in Osh, Kyrgyzstan on the ninth of December in the year 1985 and is famous for being a Russian chess grandmaster. He was named after Ernesto “Che” Guevara and found the calling of this dreams through chess. He moved to Kalmykia in the year 2000 where his true talent began to shine. In 2001, he won the under 16 European Youth Championship and topped his success the very next year by capturing the Russian under 20 championship.

His resonating success made him the first Grandmaster of Kalmykia and he proved his mettle by winning the Championship of Kalmykia in 2004. In 2005, he moved to Moscow and started studying at the Russian State Social University, playing for the Tomsk-400 team. 2006 proved to be another great year on the cards as Inarkiev won the preliminary 59th Russian chess championship and went on to finish third in the superfinal. New honors were bestowed upon him in 2008 as the city of Elista nominated him to be a participant in the inaugural FIDE Grand Prix cycle.

As a player, Inarkiev is symbolic of the determination and patience required in chess. He does not like to leave the board in the fear of losing his concentration in the game and employs a combative mode of attacks ready to put up a battle in every match. Holding a FIDE rating of 2671, Inarkiev continues to impress in 2010 coming fourth in the four way tie for victory in the Moscow Open. He currently holds a world rank of 64 and a national rank of 17, making him a true prodigy of the game.