Ivan Cheparinov – The controversial master

Ivan Cheparinov, age 23, is a Bulgarian Grandmaster born on 26th November, 1986. His FIDE ranking is 65 on January 2010 and his Peak Rating is 2713 on January 2008.

Cheparinov won Bulgaria’s Chess Championship in 2005.

Till 2007, Cheparinov was well known as the 2nd to Veselin Topalov, the former “FIDE World Champion”, and Topalov revealed in his website that Cheparinov was the brains behind the opening moves Topalov played in the “World Championship” match in 2006 in opposition to Vladimir Kramnik.

Cheparinov won in the “Essent Open” in Oct.06 in Hoogeveen with a score of 7/9, and the Sigeman tournament in April 2007 with the similar score, in Malmo.

Cheparinov shared the 1st place along with 6 other players in the European Individual Championship held in Dresden in 2007, but the tie was won by Vladislav Tkachiev.

For the first time in the FIDE list of January 2008, Cheparinov was rated above 2700, which is regarded as the dividing line of the “elite” from the other grandmasters.

Cheparinov was involved in a ‘Handshake controversy’ during the “Corus chess tournament” in 2008, when his Group B game against N Short in the 8th round was declared to be a forfeit following the 1st move, because Cheparinov had twice refused shaking hands with Short at the start.

On Cheparinov’s side, he said he had valid reasons for his conduct. After a lot of twists and turns, the “Appeals Committee” reversed the decision of forfeit, and the game was played again the next day. Short won this game.

This incident, posted on the website “Chessdom” on YouTube, was viewed by more than 150,000 viewers.