Ivanchuk Vassily – The great Ukrainian chess grandmaster

Ivanchuk Vassily is one of the best known chess players in the world today from Ukraine. Born in 1969, on 18th of March, this brilliant grandmaster has been practically said to be one of the chess leaders of the world since the year 1988.

His current Fide rating is 2739. This took him to the number 12 position on the world FIDE ratings. If this sounds astonishingly brilliant, then it may be even more surprising to know that his highest rating so far has been 2787, as on October 2007. He has also made it to the rating list of Elo at the second number slot for quite a few times in his career. Now one of the milestones that remain for him to conquer is to make it to the number one position on this chart and make his country prouder than ever before.

Lovingly called as Vasyl, a very interesting fact about him is that his career graph has been quite erratic overall. Though of course, always in one of the topmost positions, his rankings have fluctuated wildly at times- which can be understood from the very fact that since the year 2007 to the mid-2009, his ranks actually varied from twelfth to the second position, finally touching the thirtieth number! Hopefully this will change for this 41 year old genius, and take Ivanchuk Vassily to make some more remarkable achievements to go down the books of history.