Karjakin Sergey – The Legendary Chess Player

Karjakin Sergey is a Ukraine born chess player, who currently plays for Russia. He is regarded as one of the best chess players at present, with an FIDE ranking of number 11 (as on July 2010).

Born in the year 1990, at the young age of 20, he is already a grandmaster. Sergey started playing at around the age of 5 and rigorous coaching and training sessions started soon after his talents were discovered. Today, after about 15 years of all the hard work, he carries a proud FIDE rating of 2747 (taken on July 2010). This has been his peak rating so far.

He has also been a well known chess prodigy, whose some of the earliest achievements include wining the U12 World Chess Championship, becoming an IM, besides many more. Not only did these bring him to the limelight, but also took his career to greater heights, so that he could win even bigger matches against some of the most well known chess players in the world. His some of the most brilliant performances till date have been in the Chess World Cup (year 2007), the World Chess Championship (year 2009), ACP Rapid World Cup, (conducted in May 2010), the Corus Chess Tournament, and many more.

Karjakin Sergey has also played against computer in a major match, which made him the only human ever to have won in that specified category (in spite of being the youngest player, while also holding the lowest rank of them all at that point).