Lazaro Bruzón Batista

Lazaro Bruzón Batista, age 28, is a Cuban Chess Grandmaster born on 2nd May, 1982, in Havana, Cuba. His FIDE ranking is 144 on November 2009 and Peak rating 2677 on October 2005.

Brozon won the “World Junior Chess Championship” in 2000. He was the winner in the “American Continental Championship” in 2005 and tied second and fifth with Zhang Pengxiang, Kamil Milton along with Artyom Timofeev at the “Samba Cup” at Skanderborg.

He tied with Bojan Kurajica, Kamil Milton, Yuri Gonzalez Vidal, Barlomiej Heberlain and Evgeny Gleizerov for 1st-6th at the fourth “Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez Ciudad de La Laguna” in 2010.