Michael Roiz – The Russian Champion

Michael Roiz, age 26, is a chess Grandmaster who was born in Russia but settled in Israel and now plays for Israel. He was born on October 10, 1983. His FIDE rating is 2664 in May 2010 and his Peak rating is 2680 as on July 2008.

Roiz learned how to play chess when he was seven. When he was nine, he stood second in the under 10 category in the national championship. He moved to Israel in 1995, became International Master in 1999 when he was 16 and Grandmaster in 2003.

He has won several chess tournaments. He has won several blitz and rapid tournaments like Biel in 2006. He shared the fifth place at the Gibraltar Masters in 2007 behind Grandmasters like Alexander Areshchenko and Vladimir Akopian. He tied for the 1st-6th position in the same year in the 16th Monarch Assurance Isle of Man International tournament.

Roiz was a member of the Israel national team in 2003 in Plovdiv which won the team silver medal; Calvia 2004 in the 36th Chess Olympiad and Beer Sheva World team chess championship in 2005.

He qualified for the World cup in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2005 but lost to Alexander Motylev